Bolle sunglasses – amazing look, amazing technology

The new range of Bolle sports eyewear have hit the store!!!!

At Central Vision we have always taken pride in helping people find good sports eyewear.
Wanaka is such an active place and people have a need for good everyday specs and also a lot of people have a need for good quality, good looking sports eyewear.

                         ACTIVE WEAR FOR YOUR EYES

The bolle sports range are in general categories of golf, cycling/running and marine eyewear, based on the fit of the frames and the technology of the lenses.

Golf is a visual game – to play at all, let alone well, a golfer must be able to judge distance, and have good colour discrimination as well as vision to see where that tiny ball went!
The colour of the lenses in the Bolle golf range are designed to help read the green, and photochromic technology automatically adjusts the tint to the light levels on the green.

The cycling range have been designed around lightness and giving an exceptional field of view for the likes of cycling and running.
The aerodynamic shape channels the airflow for condensation management which is just a fancy way of saying they fog up less when you’re all sweaty and gross.
And they have a wraparound profile and something called an Air Intake Foil System!
They also have a thermogrip brow bar, nosepads and temple tips, designed to absorb that sweat and help the frames stay in place as you’re hurtling through sticky forest or deans bank.

The Lake/Marine range also come with the thermogrip temple tips and nose pads, AND also come with a floating retainer cord.
The frames are ultra durable and lightweight. Technology in the lenses include two options – offshore and inland. Both of these lens options are polarised to cut out that pesky glare you get from the surface of the lake.
The inland lens is a high contrast amber lens with a metallic gold flash mirror as well as being polarised, for mid to low light conditions.
For those who like a darker lens the offshore lens is a neutral grey with a blue mirror and, of course the polarisation to help keep your mind off the conditions and focussed on the task at hand.

There are some super sporty looking and some super trendy casual looking frames and well as some in between, so there really is a style for everybody.

So pop in and ask our customer care team about the new Bolle range .  We even have a bike helmet there so you can see how they feel in action.