Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma - The silent thief of sight
Glaucoma testing
  • Central Vision Optometry has the first optometrist in Wanaka to be a Board-Approved Independent Glaucoma Optometrist.  Tui Homer has undergone extensive further training and been formally approved by the Board to independently manage and prescribe for certain glaucoma patients.
  • Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve, which firstly affects the peripheral or side vision, meaning it can sneak up without warning.  Having a family member with glaucoma puts you at higher risk of getting it so we strongly recommend having a discussion around glaucoma and if anyone has it.
  • Testing our patients for this regularly means catching any changes early, appropriate referral, and a much greater likelihood of successful treatment.  Equipment including a 3D OCT, retinal camera, a high optics slit lamp and a Medmont Visual Field Analyzer ensure you are tested thoroughly and followed up accordingly. 
  • Glaucoma New Zealand has a fantastic resource available,  Also a useful aid to common eye conditions can be found on the NZAO website
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms, or have any questions about Glaucoma or general eye care, please get in touch. Our qualified team is available to assist in the best possible manner, to keep you healthy and enjoying the lifestyle you want.
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